designed specifically for professionals and small business owners that are looking to utilise media as a business development tool, this program will take you through lanna’s three step process to getting into the media & maximising your roi.

One Small Step Coaching founder Lanna Hill, in partnership with Media Stable, is now providing a targeted training program utilising her broad skills as a business coach and her considerable experience in the media.

Lanna regularly appears on Channel 9, 6iX & 6PR, and has written pieces for and been featured in The West Australian, WA Today and the Sydney Morning Herald. For more information on Lanna’s various media appearances please click here.


media training

> $950 (available as a 3 hour session or as three seperate 1 hour sessions)

Lanna’s media training program has been designed for professionals and business owners that not only want to get into the media, but that want to be seen as industry leaders and reputable and regular contributors to television, radio and print media. This training is not just about gaining that appearance - it’s about tying your appearance into your business objectives, maximising the exposure and brand awareness from those appearances, and leveraging it in line with your marketing strategy to gain maximum ROI, and ultimately, more business.

Lanna’s three step process:

  1. Understand Your Brand

    • Basic level brand strategy

    • The importance of tying in overall business objectives

    • How to incorporate personal brand

    • How to differentiate yourself and understand your unique strengths

  2. Finding the Angle

    • How to position your area of speciality to make it more attractive to media

    • The power of hard data - statistics, research and trends

    • The unique needs of the various platforms (TV, radio & print)

  3. Leveraging your Media

    • How to maximise ROI on your media appearance

    • Social media & digital marketing tactics

As well as…

  • Plenty of tips & tricks (what to wear, how to prepare and the do’s and don’t do’s)