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OWNING IT : Creating a money mindset and why its essential for success

The inspiration for our next Owning It event came from wanting to talk about that elephant in the room - money. And more specifically, how to get comfortable with how to make it, how to keep it, and how to understand all the nitty gritty detail that goes along with being financially successful - in business, and in life. And once again, we wanted to explore the huge role of mindset.

Perhaps you’re new to the world of small business, and you’re not sure what it takes to set yourself up for growth and stability? Or you might be an established business owner, who just wants to pay themselves a decent salary, rather than tipping everything back into your business? Or you might even be looking for investment to take things to the next level? 

The team behind Owning It are all about facing challenges head on; taking responsibility for whatever you need to learn or do to achieve your goals. As coaches, and business owners ourselves, we understand that money can be one of those tricky parts of your business, that you might not be so comfortable in learning about, or even talking about. It’s one of those age-old taboo topics, right? 

Taboo no more - it’s time to OWN IT.  And we have assembled one hell of a superstar lineup to give you the inspiration and knowledge you need to make this happen.



Lanna is a business coach, speaker and founder of One Small Step Business Coaching, which specialises in business strategy, sales education, facilitation and workshops for SME's across Australia. Lanna is known for her love of strategy, her intuitive, client-focused work and wealth of sales experience. She is passionate about removing the fear around being more strategic in business and helping small business owners realise they can achieve their goals. 

Lanna is also the proud mummy to her three-nager Addison, and 8 month old Spencer. 

Lanna will lead the panel discussion while sharing her own experiences, making it a night full of raw and open discussion, laughter, possibly some tears and a whole lot of "yessssss" moments

Learn more about Lanna here.

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Kerrie came out of a long and varied career of 18 years in management and now runs three successful businesses and a not-for-profit organisation as well as being a casual university lecturer in design and branding. You may also know her as one of the admins of the Perth Girlbosses Facebook group.

After suffering complete burnout at the hands of "structured employment" Kerrie swore off working for the man permanently in 2012. She now consults with women in small business on how to run their business (and life) on their terms.

She is teaching her two daughters (fifteen and six years old) that imperfection and a little chaos in life is all part of doing it your way. And that's the only way.

Learn more about Kerrie here.






Jo Burston, Founder and CEO of Job Capital and founder of Inspiring Rare Birds. 

Jo has been recognised as one of Australia’s top entrepreneurs for the past six years and is a leading authority on global women’s entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship as a whole, and SMB markets.

Jo has personally advised The Prime Minister and the top 20 heads of entrepreneurship and innovation in Australia across academia, industry and government, which resulted in the release of Australia's Innovation paper in 2015.

In addition, Jo has advised the State Government (SMB Minister, Minister for Women and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade).

Learn more about Jo here.

Larissa Shepherd, State General Manager SME at Westpac Bank

Larissa leads a team of Regional General Managers who support a team of Local Business Bankers to drive advocacy and help customers and communities prosper and grow. Larissa is passionate about helping make Australian businesses stronger.

With over 25 years banking experience, which includes 15 years in leadership roles, as well as being a small business owner herself she offers a unique blend of leadership, knowledge and vision. 

Larissa has been in this role since 2014 and was involved since inception of this new division and role within the Westpac Group.

Learn more about Larissa here.

Brooke Arnott, Managing Director of The Small Business Lounge

Driven by her passion for igniting small business owners, which stems from over 10 years of experience as a Business Consultant, she focuses on forward planning to assist small to medium businesses to reach their full potential.

Wanting to change the way people view bookkeepers, Brooke is a leader in innovation and created The Small Business Lounge as an avenue to ensure small businesses all over Australia are igniting their dreams to succeed.

Brooke is a highly experienced BAS Agent and multi award winning MYOB Certified Consultant and Xero Certified Advisor with knowledge and skills across a wide range of different industries and businesses.

Learn more about Brooke here.

Craig Seddon, Director of Westcourts Family Business Accountants

Craig joined Westcourt as a graduate in September 2000 and was made a Director (and equity owner) in 2009.  He is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor.

Craig and the team of thirteen staff focus on providing services to family owned businesses. It is their goal to make these businesses, and the families that own them, great.

On a daily basis, Craig works with his clients providing genuine care and attention through business advisory and strategic tax services; and being easily accessible.

You can find out more here.



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Putting on a kicka$s event for the ladies in Perth wasn't enough and we wanted to do more. We want to support the next generation of female leaders and try and help them overcome the confidence issues earlier than most of us have.

So $10 FROM EVERY TICKET sold will support the girls at Standing Strong and the program that is doing just that.

Who are Standing Strong?

Mental health is the single greatest health crisis facing teen girls and families today. Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and poor body-image are at the forefront of this crisis. Standing Strong offers a unique program designed to work with parents and communities to help educate, motivate, and inspire girls to really live to their true potential. Through a team of health and wellness specialists including counsellors and psychologists, fitness, yoga and meditation instructors, as well as our team of trained mentors and life coaches, Standing Strong takes a positive, uplifting and non-clinical approach to supporting and empowering girls and families.

Standing Strong is an innovative social enterprise taking a whole new approach to teen health and wellbeing. After establishing their first Club location in West Perth in 2015 for 11-17 year olds, they have continued to grow and have since introduced a Junior Club program for 8-10 year olds as well as an online membership site and App to support the demand they have received from interstate and overseas. 

Standing Strong has gone from strength to strength and has received media recognition and support from some of the largest and most respected media platforms including Oprah Winfrey, Channel 9 News, The Today Show, The West Australian, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, Dolly Magazine and Girlfriend Magazine.

As a social enterprise Standing Strong continues to grow through reinvestment and corporate sponsorship. Every cent invested goes directly back to the business and families they support. Standing Strong is a team effort led by founder Kim Smith who is a health and wellness expert passionate about business, entrepreneurship and creating positive change in the world.

Where is your money going?

Your money will be going towards sponsoring a large Standing Strong Pop Up Event for girls aged 10-17 years in the local Perth community. This Pop Up event will be an inspiring, motivating and uplifting wellbeing experience designed to help girls feel connected, supported, healthy and happy. This event will showcase our Strong Mind, Strong Body, and Strong Heart classes, and your generous donation will help us to make this a spectacular experience for each and every girl who attends.



Tickets are $129 per person and includes:

3 hours of networking, panel discussion and Q&A

Canapes and cocktail food

Champagne, soft drinks, tea and coffee





A night dedicated to going after everything you want in life and in business! Featuring a panel discussion with some of Perth's most dynamic women, with delicious canapés and flowing wine & champagne, our inaugural event was a night to remember! Big thanks to our sponsors Westpac, Frockfinder - dress hire, Atone Wellness, our awesome venue The Flour Factory and Kim from Girls Standing Strong. Big shoutout to Kirstin from The Conscious Mother, Vanessa from Action Potential Group, and the lovely Louise Momber for forming our superstar lineup. Thanks also to Jess from Defy Imaging for these awesome shots!

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