At One Small Step, we offer a targeted range of services for small business owners.

These prices are indicative and we are happy to tailor coaching packages to suit the requirements of the client.

Coaching sessions are conducted at One Small Step HQ in Subiaco, or via phone or Skype.

Monthly payment plans are available on request.


Business Plan Package

> $1,695 (or $565 per month over three months)

Includes 5 x 1 hour sessions and written business plan


  • Don’t have a business plan and want to take a more strategic, proactive approach

  • Have had a business plan in the past but feel they need to revisit their business strategy to take their businesses to the next level

  • May be applying for finance, a government grant or approaching investors

  • Want to gain a greater sense of clarity and direction for their business

  • Know they need a plan but want someone to help them do the legwork!

We will cover...

  • Creating your vision and mission statement and uncovering your business values

  • Identifying your ideal customer and your core target market

  • Establishing your USP or point of difference to make sure you stand out from the crowd

  • Analysis of your competitive landscape to ensure you can create and sustain demand for your product or service

  • Analysis of your current branding and sales and marketing approach, including social media, strategic collaborations, email marketing, direct sales and lots more

  • Setting short, medium and long term goals for your business

  • Creating a comprehensive action plan for your business so you can walk away with everything you need to self-implement and take your business to the next level.

  • Plenty of tips and tricks to improve your time management, motivation, execution and more.

Business Plan Plus Package

> $2,595 (Or $649 per month over four months)

Includes 5 x 1 hour planning sessions, 3 x 1 hour accountability sessions and written business plan


Want all the benefits of the Business Plan Package PLUS the advantage of THREE additional consults, to ensure business owner stays on track with their objectives; and any issues or obstacles that arise can be addressed jointly. Ideal to ensure business changes are implemented and ongoing improvement is achieved.

We will cover...

All of the above content in the Business Plan Package.

General coaching

> $299 per session or $810 for three

One on one sessions (60 minutes)

Perfect for ANYONE who...

  • May need a 'top-up' after their initial package, or want some additional sessions to assist in accountability

  • Clients that want regular coaching to discuss general business strategies, goals or ideas

  • Aspiring business owners who want an objective perspective and some tips on how to get their business off the ground.

coachinG PROGRAM

> From $3,295 (Two sessions per month for 6 months) or $550 per month

This is perfect for business owners, professionals or aspiring entrepreneurs that are looking to accelerate their business performance, as well as launching prominent personal brands with influence across traditional media and social media. 

Lanna's holistic coaching approach will encompass the following aspects of business and personal brand strategy:

  • Full assessment of the business strategy to ensure business goals can be in alignment with the goals of the business owner

  • Assessment and creation (where necessary) of the business sales & marketing strategy

  • Creation of a personal brand strategy, encompassing goal setting across areas such as speaking engagements, media (traditional & social), workshops and more

  • Totally personalised coaching on content and delivery for speaking and media engagements

  • The creation of a six month action plan, along with the accountability that comes with a six month coaching relationship.

Strictly limited to four spots at a time. 

Packages can be paid in full, or via two payments (one prior to commencement and the other once the package is completed). Monthly payment plans are available by request, and for the Business Plan, Business Plan Plus and Coaching Program packages only.

Prices current as at 1st June 2018.