our team strategy packages are designed for small business owners who want to drive higher engagement, better retention and increased productivity within their teams.  

These services have been designed to suit teams of up to 6, however if you would like a customised quote please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page, or fill out the form below. 


TEAM strategy package

> From $3,045

Includes one 3 hour strategy development session with the business owner, and a 3 hour team engagement session where the strategy is delivered to the team. Includes preparation of the strategic plan and the strategy document to be shared with the team.


  • May have a business strategy in their head but lack the time to put this down on paper or communicate this with their team
  • Want to take a more strategic, proactive approach with their team to optimise productivity and engagement
  • Want the benefit of having a professional facilitate the strategy engagement session, so that they can remain objective and get the best results out of their team
  • Want to improve team culture and get them involved in the direction of the business
  • Know they need all these things but want someone to help them do the legwork!

We will cover...

  • The tailored creation of a top-level business strategy to be shared with your team
  • Identifying your vision, mission and your unique business values
  • Getting specific about your target customers and how your team can best engage with them to drive long term relationships and business growth
  • Gaining clarity around your point of difference and how your team communicates this to maximise competitive advantage
  • Analysis of your market to ensure you can create and sustain demand for your product or service
  • Analysis of your current branding and sales and marketing approach, including social media, strategic collaborations, email marketing, direct sales and lots more
  • Setting short, medium and long term goals for your business
  • The creation of a comprehensive action plan to ensure the strategy can be implemented by you & your team

Optional extras include...

  • Quarterly review sessions from $750 (2 hours)




> From $1,850

Available as a standalone session or as an addition to our one on one packages. This includes a one-hour briefing session with the business owner, the creation of the strategy documentation to be shared with the team and the three hour team engagement session.