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I loved that at the end of our 5 sessions there would be a tangible outcome (i.e. the business plan) that would help keep me focused & clear on my goals for the coming year. I loved the flexibility in how each meeting was structured, it meant there was a great flow of ideas happening each week. And that you have a fantastic way of drawing out and helping me articulate my business goals and how I'm going to achieve them.

Samantha Fake, White Rapture

Often after business meetings, particularly strategic ones, you feel drained and exhausted, but working with Lanna was energising and exciting. Her communication skills, personality and energy were contagious and we looked forward to every meeting with her. She was professional and also relatable and she really guided us on the journey through the business plan with ease. It was not stressful or mundane, it was creative and collaborative. She asked all the right questions to keep us on track and moving forward without suppressing ideas or limiting scope. We will definitely be working with Lanna again and will absolutely be recommending her to others without hesitation.

Steph Bartram, Brave In Bloom

I’ve been trying to do everything myself for so long my head was a jumble. Working with Lanna was like a weight lifted off my shoulders and jumble of ideas being simplified. I found clarity and a new found enthusiasm for my business. Lanna will remain a part for my business and I highly recommend you get in touch and feel what I’m feeling.

Kerry Bryant, Bring Your Body

Before meeting Lanna my head was really frazzled, I didn’t know whether what I was thinking even made sense and I definitely didn’t know where to prioritise my work. Lanna has the very rare gift of knowing exactly what questions to ask to extract the information out of you. I couldn’t believe how quickly I became clear of my vision, my slogan and goals moving forward. Lanna is an absolute delight to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Natalie Morrison, Acron Threads

I was a little unsure about business coaching. It seemed like it would be so corporate and steely, filled with complex economic terms I didn't understand. But the minute I walked into Lanna's house and met this lovely, good-humoured woman – who instantly offered me a cuppa – I knew I had made the right choice. Within our first couple of sessions, my coaching with Lanna had already more than paid for itself. She gave me the confidence to up my rates, negotiate with existing clients, and take the plunge into outsourcing. Almost instantly, my incomings multiplied. But more than just helping me improve my bottom line, Lanna truly cared about my personal goals – those ones that are a little more elusive, like creating a harmonious work-life balance or avoiding burnout. She really helped me crystallise what mattered to me in my business – and my life. After our five sessions, I have so much more clarity in the direction my business is going. I plan to book in with her again next year, and would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Anna Christensen, The Write Stuff

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